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By means of e-forms in the Peruvian Clinical Trials Registry – REPEC

A través del REPEC podrá ingresar las siguientes solicitudes y reporte de Informes mediante el formulario  electrónico respectivo:



  • Clinical Trial Authorization
  • Clinical Trial Authorization Renewal
  • Clinical Trial Progress Report
  • Trial Site Final Report
  • Clinical Trial National Final Report
  • Clinical Trial International Final Report
  • Extension for a Clinical Trial
  • Addition of a new trial site
  • Extension / Amendment of Supply List
  • Change of Clinical Trial’s Principal Investigator
  • Change of Clinical Trial’s Sponsor
  • Change of Contracted Research Organization (CRO)
  • Closure of Clinical Trial Site
  • Clinical Trial Suspension
  • Request for Clinical Trial Amendment
  • Clinical Trial Amendment Report


To access REPEC, enter your user account and password assigned here.