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Registration of Sponsors

This site will allow Clinical Trial Sponsors to register their trials. For this purpose, the following is necessary:

  • Register as Sponsor (single time).
  • Fill and send the application forms, Spanish and English.


This step is only required if the Clinical Trial Sponsor is not registered in the Peruvian Clinical Trials Registry - REPEC.

  1. Sponsor registration application (according to e-form) and printed form attached.
  2. Copy of the document(s) certifying the existence of the organization or institution (e.g.: for Peruvian organizations: simple copy of notarially recorded deed).
  3. A document containing the institutional goals, organization and function chart, and a list of the studies where your institution participated as Sponsor (simple copy).

In case the requirements listed have been issued in a language different from Spanish, the corresponding translation should be attached, pursuant to Article 41° of the Law on General Administrative Procedure (Law No. 27444): “41.1.2 Simple translations, signed by a duly identified translator, instead of official translations”.

NOTE: All the documents should be numbered, submitted to the National Institute of Health in a folder or binder and ordered pursuant to the stipulations set forth, indicating each document name by means of markers.

Sponsor registration application e-form

Dear user, to register as Sponsor, enter the information requested in the Sponsor Registration application

  • Complete and send the application forms, Spanish or English, as appropriate.